All World’s set up

All World. A world where magic reigns.

All World is something of a proxy or AU version of Earth with several key differences. All World is the same size as our planet but the landmasses are more akin to Pangaea and Australia. There’s the Continent and there’s Island Reptilia. Unlike Earth, technology harkens back to the medieval times, with all significantly advanced technology (like advanced machinery or computers) is found in Byakko’s West. Even that isn’t enough to put it on par with Earth. All World was made to be inferior to us in many ways because there are times where I feel I was born in the wrong century.  It’s also easier to work with the many magical beings that populate the world if it’s a throwback to Earth’s past. When you have technology, who needs magic? Science is presented in the way it should be: without the fallible theories of man like evolution and in which it agrees with biblical teachings.

Evolution…I get into so much trouble speaking against it that All World has become my shield in which I denounce it through four of my major players, the Kings. Kings Byakko, Seiryu, Suzaku, and Genbu are all sentient beasts who were around from the dawn of All World’s Creation. All World is 6,000 years old, just like Earth. The Kings have been around for that long. They know how the world was made. They were there. Seiryu, being more hot-blooded, doesn’t take kindly to humans questioning his memory. It’s justified in the fact that he’s a dragon. My dragons are very wise and their memories are far superior to that of a human’s.

Here’s an illustration: Say a human and a dragon witness something and are asked to recall it a year later. If the human insists something happened that didn’t, the dragon will call him out on that. If Seiryu were to go head to head with a human who believes evolution had a hand in All World’s development, needless to say, Seiryu wouldn’t be too pleased. Being a dragon, he has no qualms about killing said human. The other Kings have the same memories but they often don’t get involved the way Seiryu does. That said, I don’t deal with the evolution problem too much in my stories as is. I’m more of a romance writer.

I set up All World so that the Four Kings rank above the human Emperor. As the series was given life post-9/11, it makes sense that the cynicism that I’ve been dealing with since then would find its way into my world. The Kings are superior to the Emperor in every way. While all of All World’s human population answers to the Emperor, they’re ultimately held accountable to the Kings. Their full title is High King to show where they are in the hierarchy. They are second only to the Almighty. Most of the time, though, the Kings don’t get involved with human affairs unless it threatens the animal kingdom. Island Reptilia is another matter. That island is ruled by the Sovereign, Quetzalcoatl, and he’s equal in power to the Kings. He’s just as old as they are but his reign of the Island is 2,000 years short of their rule.

I’ll be detailing each of them in later posts.  Just wanted to get this started. The next blog might be detailing the set up of the Four Domains as well as Island Reptilia’s sovereignty.


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