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Phoenix is one of my oldest characters, having been salvaged from the first incarnation of my original series. In-universe, she doesn’t have a concrete age but in the real world, she’s six human years old. I recognize her birthday to be May 25th, 2004, mostly because the original time stamp on my first series is lost. I just remember the general year. Here’s some info on my most beloved creation.

Phoenix is a unicorn-based chimera, created through genetic splicing and alchemy. Her body is equine, her tail is that of a scorpion, and she has a three-horn complex. Two horns are the horns of a ram while the third horn is merely a unicorn’s alicorn, or horn. She has silver fur, violet eyes, multicolored scales on her back, and gold, hexagonal scales on her shoulders and thighs. It makes for a nicely armored creature. Her mane is cropped, like a zebra’s, and her scorpion tail is black. The scales on her back (from withers to rump) are green, red, icy blue, blue, brown, sandy tan, black, and white.

She’s a sentient animal, like all of my non-human characters, who refers to herself as an abomination and is prone to Self-Deprecation. Alchemy used to create life is generally frowned upon as humans playing God. Phoenix and other chimeras, no matter how genetically diverse, are all one race and one would be hard-pressed to find another with her exact attributes. She’s is also the Odd Chimera Out because she was the only chimera who was grown inside a living organism. The donor of her unicorn DNA was also the mare who carried her to term and gave birth. Aside from that, chimeras are specially grown from the test tube.

Phoenix struggled with an inferiority complex for most of her life. With chimeras generally frowned on as inferior, it’s easy for her kind to lose their minds and become monsters. Phoenix is a subversion as she never went insane and just wandered around with a gloomy outlook on life. It wasn’t until she met Seiryu, High King of the East, that she started thinking that life is worth living and her outlook started looking brighter. She was also driven with the desire to know who her “mother” is, as she had been taken from her mother as soon as she was born. Phoenix is also the only known chimera who has innate magic, doubtless because of her unicorn blood. It took certain events to put her in touch with that magic. She has no weaponized magic, like an actual unicorn. Instead, her magic allows her to transform into a human and is used for healing.

Phoenix’s primary weapon for attack and defense is her tail. It has five segments like an actual scorpion, but the joints in between them are able to stretch out to get the stinger over her head and strike her opponents. Like the arachnid, Phoenix is only able to raise and lower her tail. She can’t move it from side to side. The sheer power behind her strikes is why some of her genes were tweaked to accommodate them. She has a reinforced skeleton and musculature. She strikes as fast as a scorpion at normal speed but she also has to ability to strike at light speed, dubbed blitz strikes. However, blitz strikes carry immense recoil that strain Phoenix’s body so such strikes are rare. Phoenix is able to regenerate her tail if its hacked off somehow in a matter of minutes. It’s possible her innate magic allows for regeneration to occur that rapidly.

Phoenix has several relationships with beings in high places. As of 2010, she’s the Queen-consort of the East at High King Seiryu’s side and their relationship is a Mayfly-December Romance. She has no real interest in ruling the East because Seiryu’s ruled alone for six millennia. She has no desire to be recognized as the co-ruler by the denizens of the East, human and animal alike, for the simple truth that she is a chimera.  Phoenix is also close friends with Shogun Yamata no Orochi, who rules over adders and is the second to High King Genbu. Her mother is none other than Queen Allianna who rules the Unicorn Nation. Ever since they found each other, their relationship is like that of mother and daughter. Her nearest and dearest friend is one of her own kind, a bird/reptile mix chimera named Kotori.

As you can see, Phoenix is nearest and dearest to my heart. She’s my pride and joy and I hope to writing her more.


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