Seiryu, High King of the East

Seiryu is one of the Four Kings of All World. He rules the East Domain of the Continent, officially called Seiryu’s East. He is a wingless dragon with a serpentine body (an Asian lung dragon). He rules mostly the humans and animals who live in his domain as the Dragon Nation is loosely defined as such. Seiryu, unlike the other Kings, rarely exercises his rule over his own kind. He is a peaceful, fair ruler but is often associated with war. His reputation for war comes from his history of being the deciding factor in the past wars of the world. Not many armies would stand up to a dragon on the other side so he often diffuses wars by his mere presence. However, he has gotten involved several defining wars such as the Siege of Ganpon.

Seiryu, like many other long lived beings, invokes the trope Lonely At The Top. Being capable of human emotions, he is capable of forming friendships and love relationships. However, his vast age and position of power mean he will outlive everyone he knows outside the other Kings. He, Byakko, Genbu, and Suzaku are close enough in their friendship that they call each other brother. Seiryu holds the distinction of being the first King to fall in love. In the distant past, he met a human girl named Abigail and had his heart stolen. It’s not uncommon for dragons to have an Interspecies/May-December Romances with humans or other beings but Seiryu had a few problems in pursuing Abigail.

Abigail was receptive to his courtship but upon finding out he was the King, feelings of unworthiness eventually led her to breaking it off. Seiryu honored her choice even though both of them were left feeling hurt. Abigail ended up dying young, pining for him, at the age of 30. Seiryu lingered on, feeling cynical of his very human heart.  Over the course of a few centuries, he often discouraged other dragons of  having relations with humans. His final attempt with Judge Krakatau ended in failure. The Judge taught him, through his sheer determination and deep love for his human girlfriend, Anna, that dragons and humans could love each other and live with the knowledge that the dragons would outlive their partners. Krakatau refused to give up his love for Anna, opening Seiryu up to the fact that just because he failed with Abigail, it didn’t necessarily mean that those relationships were doomed.

Seiryu’s love life improved when he met Phoenix, who was under a curse that made her human. In the course of the King trying to find a way to lift the curse, he and Phoenix fell in love. When the curse was broken, Phoenix was reverted back to her true form with no way of becoming human again. However, the Almighty put her in touch with her innate magic and she is able to transform at will.

The King, like all dragons, is fiercely protective of those he cares about. A black time in All World’s history came about precisely for that reason.  Phoenix entered the Great Desert, a forbidden area in the East, and came into contact with the Sacred Sword of the Almighty. Her soul was severed from her body. Seiryu sensed that and went mad. He cursed his domain, closing it off from the rest of the Continent with a pentagram seal. The curse also turned beings in his Domain to stone, including his vassels. The only one not effected by the curse was Shogun Orochi, whose job was to find lost souls in the Desert. When that mess was cleaned up after Phoenix’s soul was restored, Seiryu was paid a visit by a Heavenly Unseen. His power was cut in half as punishment for overreacting but he got it back in full during the Spider-East War.

Seiryu is a wise dragon but he’s pretty outspoken against ideas that contradict the natural order of the world and history. He’s my main proxy against the theory of evolution due to his being around since All World’s creation, his infallible memory, and his push for history to be written and documented. He finds humans who buy into a phony theory to be rather stupid. As a dragon, he’s not afraid to resort to violence in his quest for accurate history. It rarely comes to that, thanks to his skills in diplomacy. He only moves against phony science when he catches wind of it via his vassals and others in his network. Otherwise, it’s safe to assume that theories of the like could perpetuate for some time before he steps in to correct things.


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