Humans and the Capital

The human population of All World are united under one leader, the Emperor/Empress.  While they are scattered throughout the Domains as well as residing on Island Reptilia, they form a single Empire. The Capital is called Ganpon (Japanese for Capital) and it’s located in Suzaku’s south and surrounded on three sides by Verboden Waair (German for Forbidden Range).  Humans outside the Capital live in towns or small villages that pepper the Continent. Ganpon itself is influenced by Chinese/Japanese architecture. The Imperial Palace is the largest structure in the city and is situated nearest the mountains that provide protection to the city’s flank. The Assassins (shapeshifting wolves) have their main base in the Capital and are often called upon by the Emperor. They police the city and help defend it against threats.

All World humans are no different than us. They’re just a step lower on the power chain. The commoners answer to their town/village leaders who answer to the Emperor who, in turn, answer to the Kings. It often falls on the Kings to keep things peaceful so they have more of a partnership with the Imperials than actual lordship. However, they have the final say if they are involved in human affairs. Aside from that, the Emperor is free of their interference,  barring corruption. The Assassins pull that duty off behind the Emperor’s back. If Fenrir or one of his wolves sees signs of corruption, they will watch the situation and gather evidence before sending a messenger off to a King. Since it’s easier simply to head to the Far South where Suzaku resides, the messenger will travel the weeks it takes to get to Suzaku who will take it from there. He then has the choice of either confronting the problem on his own or seek out of his fellow Kings to help.

Though humans live in a vast Empire, many of their freedoms make it similar to a democracy. The Imperial Family has ruled since the Empire was established and is handed down from parent to child. It doesn’t matter if the child is male or female. If they have what it takes to rule, they will be crowned Emperor/Empress in the event their parents retire or pass away. Royals are able to choose who they wish to marry since there are no other human governments at the same level. Commoners are often allowed to come before their ruler to petition for help at anytime. It depends on who’s ruling at the time so the rules for that are subject to change.

While the Emperor has the power to order the Assassins around, they answer to Fenrir only. The Assassins’ Guilds scattered throughout the Continent are an autonomous force under the Masters while Fenrir is Grandmaster.  He has the power to turn down orders he doesn’t like or would go against their code. More than once in his life, Fenrir has been targeted by the royals for turning down orders but, as old as he is, the Great Wolf is not to be taken down by mere humans. Given the fact he’s the size of a tiger in his true form, it isn’t wise to provoke him or turn him against the Empire.  He’s invaluable with the protection of the city.
Humans on Island Repitlia have no intermediary between them and Sovereign Quetzalcoatl. One could say the entire Kirin Nation functions as such. Humans there either have Old Reptile farms or other services with mammoths or dire wolves.  The humans there have lived on the island for generations and often have no desire to visit the mainland. Island Reptilia serves as an autonomous force where the Sovereign is equal in power to the Kings. The humans are generally more peaceful than their mainland counterparts. They main concern are rogue carnivores so they don’t spend a great of time fighting each other. Each farm has enough territory and resources to care for their herd. As Island Reptilia is a closely guarded secret from the Continent, many beings are ignorant of its existence. It’s reversed on the island. The islanders know about the Continent and why their home is a secret. That will be detailed in a post about the island inhabitants.


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