Interspeices Romance and Hybrids

Interspecies Romance is a trope I use a ton in my All World mythos. In fact, I have more pairings in that field than straight human pairings. It’s more often than not used in conjunction with the tropes May-December Romance (MDR) and Mayfly-December Romance (MfDR). As most halves of the pairing aren’t human, I can justify it that way. My first pairing was in my pilot story and the partners were a human girl and Judge Krakatau the dragon. They eventually had a half-human daughter named Isis. One of my newer stories addresses the problem with this sort of pairing, only because of one of the two happens to be royalty and the one she has feelings for is another race entirely.

Queen Allianna has been one of the most important characters in both incarnations of my work. As Phoenix’s mother and donor, her importance to my work allowed her to be brought over to All World from the world that came before. My new story deals with her childhood/teen years where she, as a Princess, met a pterripus (winged unicorn/horned pegasus) named Skychaser aka Chase. While it’s not uncommon for either equine race to take mates from the other, Allianna and Chase have their problem in station.

Allianna is the heir to the Unicorn Nation’s throne while Chase is the Head Captain for the Pterripus Nation. They have feelings for each other but Chase puts a lot on propriety than Allianna does. He knows and accepts that only a unicorn can be her King when it’s time for her to ascend the throne. Foals between a unicorn and pterripus are far more likely to be pterripi so if Chase and Allianna were have a foal, chances are that foal would not be able to be King or Queen of the Unicorn Nation. Had Allianna not been of royal birth, this wouldn’t be in issue.

Chase is six years older than Allianna, making theirs a MDR (the age difference isn’t as severe as the MfDR).  They first met when she was ten and he was sixteen at a festival for the equine Nations, the Unicorn, Pegasus, and Pterripus Nations. (The Kirin Nation would be the fourth but they relocated from the mainland to Island Reptilia to keep it safe.) Allianna had been quite taken by him from the start because she had never seen a unicorn with wings before.  Over the next six years, as she grew up, the Princess eventually gained feelings for Chase. She admitted her feelings to him at the age of sixteen and he was twenty-two at the Festival, after it was trashed by the rocs led by Altair.

Given the fact that Chase isn’t mentioned anywhere else, there’s a chance he’s probably going to die in-story. It’ll mostly likely by caused by humans after his transparent horn, caused by a very rare mutation in the gene for horn growth and development.  Another reason he might have to be axed is because he’s Allianna’s closest friend and confidante, their feelings notwithstanding. That position he holds in this story rests with a black unicorn with garnet eyes named Tempest later in the Queen’s lifetime. Allianna herself has no King to rule beside her in her later life, making it a Foregone Conclusion that she didn’t succeed in any endeavor to make it possible for Chase to rule the Unicorn Nation with her.  I haven’t quite decided yet.

I have decided that Chase’s form is the form Thanatos (an undead horse known as a kelpie) took when he raped her, setting in motion the events that would bring Phoenix into the world. If Chase is dead, it would be a good trick of Thanatos to distract his prey with his form. I haven’t quite decided what direction to take since I haven’t gotten to that point yet. Killing Chase might be the better route. The least I could do is for Chase to walk away from his ill-fated encounter with the humans with just his horn cut off, depriving him of his voice. What will happen to him afterward depends. He may end up leaving his Nation to join the pegasi. After all, what is a pterripus without his horn? Merely a winged horse.

I mentioned hybrids above. That often leads to identity crises like with Isis, who felt she wasn’t able to claim either the dragon or human race as her own, being half and half. I was working on the backstory to two kirin characters when I came across a problem. Young transforming entities have to be taught how to transform and they don’t start learning until they’re in their teens. Isis’s mother was human, making the whole thing problematic.  As her father was a dragon, what form was she born in? I think for half-human hybrids where the mother is human, the offspring is born a human and then the father’s magic takes over soon after to turn it into its father’s race. If the mother was nonhuman, her magic would influence her unborn offspring so they would transform inside her if she took a human form. As magical entities have more power than a human, it’s likely a dragon’s offspring with a human father would simply be born as dragons.

This has me thinking that perhaps I should make my dragons capable of live birth like some sharks. It would eliminate the whole egg business. It might also be easier to eliminate the issue of deciding if a half-mammal, half-dragon hybrid is either warm- or cold-blooded by making my dragons warm-blooded. They wouldn’t be the first reptilians to be that way since it’s possible that dinosaurs were warm-blooded. The sauropods, for instance, consumed a LOT of vegetation and it’s stone cold fact that warm-blooded creatures create their own energy by consuming food. That’s a minor disadvantage from cold-blooded reptiles, who can go quite awhile between meals because they make energy from the sun’s warmth. The possibility that large dinosaurs had a large food intake might be evidence that they were warm-blooded like mammals and yet laid eggs, putting them in the same class as the evolution-defying platypus. When I talk more about my dragons in general, I’ll get into this more.


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