My Near-Immortal Characters

This is the FB note that started this blog. This is an expanded version of that note.

Who ever wished they could live forever? I remember making that wish as a kid, before I grew older and learned just how rotten out this world has gotten in its 6,000 year history. Since then, I just like to live knowing that this world isn’t my home and that there’s something even better waiting when this life is over. It kind of makes me feel bad for having many characters who have unnatural long life for story purposes. With All World being the AU version of Earth, its age is the same. This is about the characters who’ve seen it all.

I have seven characters who are 6,000 years old a piece, old as the world itself. They are the four High Kings, Queen Celaeno of the Harpy Nation, Shogun Yamata no Orochi of the adders, and Sovereign Quetzalcoatl of Island Reptilia. They were created specifically for the purpose of preventing All World’s history getting twisted around like Earth’s history has. They are the only living things left of the Old World (basically pre-Flood All World). I’ve been thinking lately that, wow, I sympathize with them for their long lifespans. Can you imagine how tired they must be, living every day knowing they will never die until All World’s ending? Orochi and Celaeno do run the risk of being killed by humans but they’re so old and powerful, no one would even try it. But that risk is still there and there’s no penalty, aside from vengeance, for killing them. The Kings and the Sovereign, however, must never be killed because it’s certain doom for their domains. Their thrones are the most important. They must never fall into a lesser being’s hands because they were ordained by the Almighty to serve in that way.

Aside from that, none of them can die from time. Suzaku, being a phoenix, is a subversion. He dies every once in a while but he comes right back. Permanent death is a foreign concept to him. Even though he goes through that cycle, his years still weigh heavily on him. I can’t imagine how hard it is for their hearts to keep pumping after 6 millennia. Most of my other nonhuman characters live into their hundreds except Master Fenrir of the wolves and Orochi’s second, the seven-headed Kusanagi. They were born post-Flood and gained their long life from the Almighty Himself for purposes I haven’t thought about yet. It’s no longer a surprise to me that their greatest wish is to simply have their lives ended. They’ve lived so long and seen so much, it brings to mind the trope Who Wants To Live Forever? They sure don’t but they will because they believe this is what they were created for.

Nothing’s really stopping me from axing Celaeno but given she’s the Harpy Queen, the forerunner to her race, and Suzaku’s sworn rival, it makes sense that her will alone has allowed her to live far beyond her kind’s typical lifespan of 100 years. Given how far the Harpy Nation fell since the Descent, their lifespans were cut down to the human lifespan. They’re probably the Nation with the shortest life expectancy, making the the Phoenix Nation’s opposite, since phoenixes can live forever and don’t know what true death is. Celaeno’s one of the few harpies who has remained good and she’s the only one keeping her Nation in line to prevent all-out war between herself and Suzaku’s people. There’s a chance that I may introduce her yet.

Orochi’s reason for being so old and in charge of the snake shogunate will be explained when I write a blog about him. The giant eight-headed snake has become one of my favorite players and I want to explore him sometime. Unlike the others of the Old World, he doesn’t really care how much time has past but I feel that deep down, he’s just as tired as the others. He feels that Kusanagi was allowed to live so long because the seven-headed water moccasin is destined to take over the shogunate someday, mostly likely if Orochi is bested in battle or dies.


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