Dinosaurs and All World

Let’s face it. Humanity loves dinosaurs. I’m no exception. What saddens me most, aside from the animals no longer being around, is what humanity has corrupted them into: giant chickens we can no longer take seriously. Yep, people had to go and stick feathers on them when so-called evidence for such feathers was found on the raptors and other small theropods (which implies that beloved predators like Velociraptor weren’t actually dinosaurs at all but toothy birds through and through). Ignoring the teeth, would you take T. rex seriously if it had feathers ? I seriously can’t. It’s hard to be scared of a sixteen foot high chicken with teeth than the more aesthetically pleasing scaly animal we’ve known years before idiots start putting feathers on them, trying to find a nonexistent link between dinosaurs and birds. Feathers make some of the greatest animals that ever lived look lame.

Given the lame looks of dinosaurs in today’s depictions, it was inevitable that I would bring dinosaurs into All World and restore them to the way they were:  scaly animals. All World calls them Old Reptiles and to avoid using the scientific names in a world where Latin doesn’t exist, I gave them new names in layman’s words. Take my favorite dinosaur, the Spinosaurus, for instance. In All World, they are called Sailbacks for their distinctive sails. I made my dinosaurs sentient and sapient as well as putting some of the big time predators into herds in the care of human Keepers. You could even ride them if they let you. Played for the Rule of Cool because seriously, who wouldn’t want to walk down the street on the shoulders of a dinosaur? Who says large carnivores have to be mindless monsters all the time as well? The Old Reptiles are the reason Island Reptilia exists.

Going on my idealistic view that perhaps dinosaurs still exist somewhere in our world, Island Reptilia was made to be a sanctuary to prevent them from going extinct in All World. The only reason that I believe dinosaurs may still be alive somewhere is the fact that we haven’t explored every inch of this planet. There are still plenty of places we haven’t seen that may be hiding dinosaurs of some kind. Given the discovery of soft tissue in a T. rex bone , it’s not a long shot to assume the animal had lived recently and depending on the climate and environment, soft tissue could last for a while but millions of years doesn’t allow for that tissue to still exist as it was found.

Another thing I don’t like what humanity’s done to dinosaurs is assuming they lived so long ago that people never seen one alive. I think different. People in many cultures have described and showed what could only be dinosaurs through the ages. Those dragon myths we know so well? How do we know they weren’t embellished stories about interaction of some kind with dinosaurs? I truly believe that “dragon” is the ancestral name for “dinosaur” since the word dinosaur itself wasn’t coined until the 1800s. I believe dinosaurs were not only killed off by nature but also by humans. They have found cave drawings of humans killing dinosaurs. Not that secular science wants you to know that because it’s so corrupted. Science, believe it or not, is easy to reconcile with a Biblical worldview and it makes the most sense when looked at with such a view

The Old Reptiles of All World’s story dates back to the Genesis Flood and before. Like on Earth, a few juvenile specimens were saved on the Ark and spread over the world after the Flood was over. The Old Reptiles found themselves in competition with humans and other beats that required that some be transplanted to Island Reptile, a federal secret on the Continent, while the unlucky ones were left to die and caused them to go extinct on the mainland. Some dinosaurs bonded with the humans who swore to help rebuild the species, forming farms and bringing in herd mentalities for the large carnivores. Island Reptilia also hosts animals from the single Ice Age both Earth and All World went through post-Flood, like mammoths, saber-toothed cats, and the like.

Dire wolves’ pack mentalities were emulated by farms specializing in Small Arms (T. rex and other large theropods) and Sailbacks, and allowed herds with up to ten members to be possible. Even the alpha rank one finds in wolves is found in a herd of large theropods. In  my first Island Reptilia story, it follows the story of a girl who stumbled across the secret of living Old Reptiles when a smuggler was showing off a baby Sailback named Ember in her village located in Seiryu’s East. She helped return him to his farm on the Island and she became close with the alpha male and female of Ember’s herd, Inferno and Pyra, as well as the keeper’s son, Daniel. Inferno and Pyra are also Ember’s parents. Since we don’t know what coloration dinosaurs were, I went with the Rule of Cool for Inferno, Pyra, and Ember by them look like what their names suggest. Inferno’s probably my favorite Sailback for that reason. His coloration is reds and blacks with some orange.

I have to thank Jurassic Park III for the idea of a battle between a Sailback and Small Arm (T. Rex type). To be honest, before JP3, I wasn’t aware this sailed animal even existed. However, studies on a surviving fossil of a Spinosaurus skull suggest that this apex predator was primarily a fisher and so its bite power wasn’t as strong as a T. Rex. JP3 again just applied the Rules of Cool and Drama to show off Spiny. Spinosaurus could possibly take out a juvenile, weak, or very old T. Rex but certainly not the one he fought in the movie which I’m sure was a full-grown healthy adult.  The fight between Inferno and a rouge Small Arm almost ended in Inferno’s death but his herd finally rose against the attacker after making sure their young were safe and saved his life. Before inspiration dried up, the story halted at Inferno coming down with an infection from getting bitten on the neck by his adversary.

Dinosaurs will always hold a place in my heart but sadly, today’s “science” is kind of making me wish they never existed. After all, for one who disagrees with everything taught in school biology, it’s better for dinosaurs to never have existed at all than to be mere puppets to a theory that has no weight in reality. I will never come to accept the worldview of dinosaurs living long before humans when their bones have been found in the same layers as humans or that the ultimate predators like T. rex were just huge hulking chickens with teeth. Dragons are almost universally reptilian in our stories. So, too, were the animals they were based on…dinosaurs. Dinosaurs and birds are two distinct races. They have nothing in common. Genetics don’t allow for one animal to turn into another. It just doesn’t happen in the real world.


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