The Difference Between Genbu and the Snakes

This continues from what was started in the last blog.

The difference between the snakes and Genbu is quite simple. It’s worth noting that even though Genbu has two minds capable of independent thought but think as one, Orochi and Kusanagi’s brains give a straighter example of a Hive Mind. All heads think as one and are incapable of acting alone, justified in the fact they are all the same entity, whereas Genbu is a fusion being.They usually choose the central head as the main communicator. The head that wears the fire helm is the main communicator for Orochi and is the most central of his even number of heads. Kusanagi having an odd number makes him appear as though he was once a normal snake who sprouted six more heads. Each head can speak but the central head handles all communication for simplicity’s sake. If the main head is tied up somehow, then another head will speak. This is evident from when Orochi stopped Araneae from attacking Phoenix. He had several sets of fangs in the giant spider, including his main head, so the head with the mountain helm did the talking before he proceeded to savagely rip the spider apart.

Having the number of minds that the snakes do, I wondered how to handle the intake of information each snake gets. With that many eyes, one would think they’d get migraines taking in their surroundings. That’s another reason a Hive Mind is so useful. The seven or eight brains in the snakes act like parts of a larger brain, allowing them to process their surroundings as a panoramic image to prevent a large scale overload of information. This eliminates any and all blind spots. Each head is treated like a limb on any other being so they are capable of independent movement. It would be nigh impossible to sneak up on them, even at night. Each snake sleeps with one head watching their surroundings. It narrows their field of vision but constant vigilance prevents anyone from slitting their throats.

Again, very few beings are considered threats by the two snakes because they are very old. They know a thing or two about the many ways one could assassinate someone. The fact both of them are venomous discourages would-be killers. Though, if the would-be killer is a human, they’d be swallowed whole because Orochi and Kusanagi are massive. Orochi’s roughly the size and length of six city buses from noses to tail. Kusangi’s a close contender at the size and length of four. One simply doesn’t trifle with giants like that and live to tell about it. A major fluke could save an assassin from them but the sheer number of heads, along with their speed and strength, makes it unlikely. I’m not even about to entertain the idea of seeing what would happen if I were to cut off one of their heads in-story. The worst that could happen would be them losingĀ  one-eighth or one-seventh of their overall brain functions.

Orochi and Kusanagi also hold the distinction of being the only snakes that can transform and capable of actual hearing. Real snakes, even the ones Orochi lords over, are deaf. Orochi communicates with his subjects somehow in ways I haven’t explored yet. I can just chalk it up to his magical prowess and overall snake-ishness.


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