Azariah, Behemoth Lord of the Earth

Azariah is a Behemoth who’s lived the longest out of the new Lords. He was before after the Landless Time and before the Age of Ice. Behemoths in my story don’t follow the description in the Bible, which describes a sauropod dinosaur, because of sauropods existing on Island Reptilia. All World Behemoths are best described as rhino shaped with two tusks jutting out from just behind where their jaw bone connect to their skull. The tusks are long and give the appearance of ant mandibles. Their mouths are like a Triceratops and since they feed on ferns and other plants of the like, the tusks don’t hinder them in their feeding. They are three times the size of an elephant.

Azariah was born long after the death of Lord Renshu, his predecessor. The Behemoth race had taken to hiding in plain sight, either disguised as humans or going into suspended animation and appearing as small hills. Azariah lived with his family until they had the misfortune of coming across bounty hunters and poachers who, while surprised to see members of the Great Race still alive, nonetheless killed Azariah’s parents and younger sister. Azariah was able to escape and hide in a human form and he was soon found by other members of his kind, a gang of bandits. Azariah hated himself for allowing the poachers to kill his family so he abandoned his name and became known as Abednego. His closest friends in the gang were the leader, Meshach, and Shadrach. His alias to those outside the gang was Oblivion.

Azariah, like Nimbus, was endowed with a sign that he was the chosen one to take over for Renshu. His left eye has the exact appearance of the moon, craters and all, and follows the moon’s phases in tandem. At night, it even glowed like the moon, going dark every month at the new moon. In a human form, he hid it under an eye patch. Despite its appearance, the moon eye is fully functional. It had been foretold that the new Lord of Earth would have such an eye. I was inspired by an Orc in Peter Jackson’s Return of the King.

When Azariah became the new Earth Lord, he was able to unseal the Earth Lord’s Keep. It is a fortress in the middle of a vast lake in Genbu’s North. When Renshu died, the lake went up in flames, thanks to a vast oil reserve underneath it that was magically brought to the surface and burned for millennia. Azariah’s claim to the Lordship put the fires out and the Watchers remade themselves in his image. The Keep has a sad history and a dark secret that the Kings told Azariah before he reopened it. When Renshu died, the fire that sprung up to guard the Keep trapped many Behemoths inside with no way to escape. Suzaku was the only one able to see it for himself since he could fly over the lake of fire and his authority overrules the Watchers’ right to bar entrance. Skeletons of Behemoths who died of starvation littered the Keep.

The dark secret the Keep is hiding was in the form of Thanatos, the kelpie who raped Queen Allianna and the last of his kind. He had been incarcerated in the Keep for many years, having only escaped once to commit his crime against Allianna. After he was captured again by Seiryu, he was bound by chains of Byakko’s making that kept him secured for another hundred years before Krieg, a nightmare stallion and one of Thanatos’s allies, found him and busted him out.

After taking his place as Lord, Azariah went back to using his real name and worked hard to start bringing his kind out of hiding. Meshach and Shadrach became his advisers for being among the first Behemoths to recognize him as Lord.


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