Nimbus, Leviathan Lord of the Sea

Nimbus is another character who passed over to All World from the world that came before. I overhauled and re-purposed him for his new incarnation. He went from a blue-green sea serpent to a blind Leviathan (still the same creature by any other name) whose color scheme is that of an orca/killer whale. He’s roughly 4,500 years old and was born after the Age of Ice. His long life made Nimbus extremely jaded and he had it in for the human race for many, many years. He was born blind for a reason.

The Almighty had to choose three new Lords (of the Air, Sea, and Earth) after the forerunners of the Ziz, Behemoth, and Leviathan races went to war with each other for an unknown reason and were slain by a Heavenly Unseen sent with that mission. It was foretold to the Kings that the new Lord of the Sea would be born after the Age of Ice. The Almighty reached into time and took Nimbus’s sight away while he was growing in his egg. Nimbus soon hatched and was thrust into a battle for survival. As predicted, the Leviathan became genocidal towards humanity for the state of All World, having fallen over 2,000 years before he hatched. Nimbus’s life-long wish was to have seen the world in its perfect state, an All World before the Descent. The only thing stopping Nimbus was his blindness. He was unable to leave the sea and wage his war against humans. His blindness didn’t stop him from sinking ships entering his territory, the Grey Sea off the coast of Suzaku’s South.

Despite his handicap, Nimbus is still a formidable and dangerous fighter. He utilizes echolocation to see where he’s going and having survived as long as he has is a feat few others could match, never mind his destiny for Lordship. Over the millennia, Nimbus’s genocidal tendencies and overall attitude waned to grudgingly accepting he didn’t have the power to change the past. He was born into a fallen world and he knew he was going to die in a fallen world. He still picks off ships when his ugly mood rears his head but nowadays, ships can sail through the Grey Sea without being harassed by a Leviathan with a huge chip on his shoulder.

Nimbus was very antisocial, even to his own kind. Leviathans raise their pups to adulthood but once they’re able to survive on their own, family ties break down and they become competitors for prey. While as sentient and sapient as the other powerful races, Leviathans are less likely to form groups. The only other Leviathan they are willing to share their territory with is their mates and they mate for life. Nimbus’s blindness made him a prime target among his kind but having defeated his enemies and protected his territory, he’s become a well-respected being.

One theory to the Leviathan race’s overall hostility to their own kind most likely came from the fact that the first Sea Lord, Hiamovi, had been killed. He united the Leviathan Nation under his rule, despite natural competition. His death drove his kind into hiding and their overall natures as fierce, territorial beings came to the forefront. In the intervening years between Hiamovi and his successor, Nimbus, the Leviathans nearly drove themselves to extinction.

Nimbus came into contact with Isis, the half-dragon daughter of Judge Krakatau when she and her future husband, Kemet, came to aid Suzaku when the alchemist Nomad was after the Firestone, a powerful stone which helped Suzaku unite his kind under his rule. He had a well-known hatred for hybrids such as Isis, thinking that beings should keep their own races. He sees chimeras in the same light. Isis, however, softened his heart and taught that love knows no race. In spite of himself, Nimbus fell in love with her but he was wise enough to know that Kemet was destined to be her husband. He has since met and fallen in love with a female Leviathan named Cirrus.

Nimbus’s blindness probably makes him the most unbiased being on the face of All World in terms of things like beauty. Using his sonar and his hands (in a human form), he can form a picture in his mind of what he’s “seeing”. However, beauty and color are foreign concepts to him, thanks to the fact there was never a time he could see with his eyes.  He’s a judge of character so if he finds you likable, you’ve been paid a high compliment.

Nimbus came into his destiny as the new Sea Lord along with his new allies, Azariah the Behemoth and Tobias the Ziz. They were destined to be the new Lords of the Earth and Sky, respectively. The three races had a long history of hatred against each other because of the previous Lords’ deaths. They didn’t know it was Heavenly Unseen who killed them. It was destiny of the chosen ones to bridge the gap between the races and put the past to rest. Nimbus rules the world’s oceans from the Sea Lord’s Keep, a fortress off the coast of Genbu’s North. Upon Hiamovi’s death, the Keep sank into the sea to await the new Lord and the stone Watchers (in Hiamovi’s image) prevented trespassers from entering the Keep. When Nimbus made Lord, he proved it to his kind by raising the Keep. The Watchers remade themselves in Nimbus’s image. The new Lord then had Cirrus become his Lady.

Under Nimbus’s leadership, the Leviathan race has slowly come out of hiding and is slowly rebuilding. They’ll likely never reach the numbers they had many millennia ago but it’s a start. With the extinction of the Giant Sharks, aka C. megalodon, and millennia of in-fighting, the great race lost not only their top threat (which was mutual for the sharks) but also a great deal of their gene pool. The three Great Races are experiencing a drastic genetic bottleneck they may never recover from. But with time, things may balance out again. I hope to explore more with them in future stories.


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