Tobias, Ziz Lord of the Air

Tobias is the middle of the three Lords in terms of age. He was hatched just as the Age of Ice was wrapping up. He is the successor to Lord Anan.The Ziz were what the ancient Hebrews called pteranodons and other flying reptiles like them. Since they aren’t dinosaurs, I was able to get away with calling them by their Hebrew name. Tobias’s wing span is pretty large for his kind. He’s the smallest of the three Lords and can land comfortably on Azariah’s back or Nimbus’s head.

Like Azariah, Tobias is also endowed with a strange eye. His right eye looks like the sun, burning glow and everything. It also “sinks” in conjunction to the actual sun so it’s dark at night. When the Ziz went into hiding after the death of Anan, they broke up into communities that hid out in the remote regions of the world. Tobias’s strange eye led to his exile from his community and he flew off to hide in Verboden Waair. He remained there until he received the call to head northwest, to the shoreline where the Sea Lord’s Keep sank into the ocean. There he met members of the other two Great Races, Azariah and Nimbus. Naturally wary of each other given the bad blood between their kinds, the three hid together until the Kings appeared and told them their destinies: to take the Lordships that been vacant for over 4,000 years.

Tobias answered his call, noting that three unlikely members of their races were called. Tobias was an exile, Azariah was a bandit, and Nimbus was just all-around jaded. Through their shared destiny, the three became friends and worked to patch things between their kinds, made easy when they learned the truth behind their predecessors’ deaths. Tobias reopened the Air Lord’s Keep, located far in the southern reaches of Verboden Waair. The Keep was built into the the top of a mountain and can only be reached by flying. The Watchers remade themselves in Tobias’s image to prove he holds authority.

Apparently, the reason Verboden Waair was forbidden to all outsiders was because Anan was pretty territorial. He controlled a vast portion of the Range while Roter Stier, the red bull, controlled the portion near Ganpon. Both the Ziz Lord and the demon fought for complete control of the Forbidden Range and when the Ziz disappeared, Roter Stier was able to take control of the whole Range. Even after the existence of the Ziz was forgotten, it was pretty engrained in the collective human consciousness that Verbodden Waair was off limits (especially with Roter Stier still around) and the Range gained a reputation of being evil. Tobias has since driven Roter Stier back to his old territory.


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