Tempest is another character who crossed over from the world that came before. He was re-purposed for All World. His first incarnation was the Big Bad of the earlier stories before I moved on to new characters. He was a Shadow Unicorn so evil was his purpose. In both incarnations, Tempest has ties to Allianna and Phoenix. His first incarnation was Phoenix’s father through deceit. In that mythos, beings from two of the eight different Realms couldn’t procreate. The result of such things was a chimera. Allianna used to be a Forest Unicorn. While forests create shadows, it’s the powers of each Realm that can’t mix. When Allianna was re-purposed as the unicorn Queen and Phoenix’s backstory gained an overhaul, Tempest was taken out of the picture. All World’s Phoenix was alchemically created. She has no father. Allianna’s penchant for misfortune was realigned to Thanatos.

When I did a story on Phoenix finding out her origins, I decided to resurrect Tempest from the grave and re-purposed him as Allianna’s closest adviser. Both incarnations are solid black with red garnet eyes. While the first series made that combination indicative of his Big Bad status, it’s a bit different in All World. Solid black unicorns are extremely rare and it’s a unicorn superstition that solid black is a sign of evil. Tempest has the double misfortune of having red garnet eyes. Solid black with red garnet is a sign of the Deceiver. Black unicorns are often ostracized from their herds to live as involuntary Loners. Tempest was no exception. He was thrown from his herd and lived as a Loner before straying too close to the Glade where Allianna rules. He was brought before her and she welcomed him into her herd after hearing his story. It took him many years to gain the trust of the rest. In that time, he became close to Allianna as a friend and adviser.

There’s only two things that differentiate the two incarnations of Tempest. All World’s version has a majority of the left side of his face is terribly scarred. It’s unknown how he came by such a serious injury but it appears as though he was stripped of his fur, leaving a bare patch of scarred skin behind. His left eye is untouched. His personality is also a bit different. While his first form was pure evil and somewhat based on Naraku from Inu-Yasha, his new form is more critical than anything else, a result of his alienation from his birth herd. He doesn’t like chimeras, seeing them as abominations (a view which Phoenix herself agrees with). He’s distrustful of most outsiders and even members of the herd that took him in. He eventually warmed up to Phoenix after the Spider-East War, even going as far as to walk her down the aisle for her marriage to Seiryu.

Tempest trusts Allianna and would do anything to protect her because she was one of the few unicorns to show him kindness. It’s unknown if he feels anything remotely romantic towards her. If he does, he wouldn’t say so. He doesn’t have interest in ruling the Unicorn Nation as King, feeling that no one would recognize a solid black unicorn as a ruler. He’s simply content with his position as Allianna’s confidante and is continuously working to make sure he has the herd’s trust. There were a few members in the past who felt his rise to such a lofty position was done through trickery. They sadly thought Allianna naive, which she is anything but. Tempest doesn’t care if they badmouth him to his face or behind his back. He gains pleasure in proving his worth to silence his detractors.

All in all, I love what I’ve done for Tempest. He’s certainly better as a misunderstood unicorn wanting to prove his worth than he was as the Big Bad of the first series. Given that his first incarnation was every black unicorn cliche under the sun, it makes sense that I re-purposed him for something better.


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