Muramasa the Chaotic One

Muramasa is a recent character to the All World mythos. He’s the younger twin son to a pair of kirins named Mai and Oda. His older twin is Murasame. He’s a red-and-carmine kirin with navy blue hair and orange eyes.

Muramasa has had terrible luck ever since he was born. Every kirin has some sort of power and Muramasa was unlucky enough to be born with chaotic evil power. He’s insane as a result and his birth nearly killed his mother, Mai. A kirin’s power manifests when they turn ten. Muramasa’s, however,  manifested just moments before his birth. The twins’ father, Oda, had it in for him from that day on but he didn’t make a move until a few days before the twins turned ten. Oda instead invited Sovereign Quetzalcoatl to inspect the foals due to manifest and tried to startle Quetzalcoatl into killing the boy for him when the time came.

Quetzalcoatl threw a wrench in that plan by bringing along his apprentice, Prince Masamune, son of the Viceroy. Masamune was born 200 years prior and manifested harmonious good. Muramasa’s power had been under seal for ten years, a final favor to Mai from Oda before he broke their Bond. The seal had weakened all those years and broke the moment Muramasa and Masamune made eye contact. Oda’s plot fell apart when Masamune revealed that he was born and given his harmonious power for the sole purpose of subduing Muramasa’s chaotic evil. Quetzalcoatl rebuked Oda for not coming to him as soon as the twins were born and letting him know. He then told Mai in secret that if she felt her sons were in danger, to bring them to Temple about sixteen miles away.

A few days later, Oda moved against his sons. Mai rushed them from their forest while he and a gang of kirin stallions pursued them. Mai, Murasame, and Muramasa were about a mile from Temple Forest when she pulled back to fight off their pursuers. She ordered her sons to keep running. Oda and two others broke from the fight Mai engaged and went after them. The boys ran straight to Temple’s door and started pounding the door with their hooves. Muramasa looked back to see Oda and the other two gaining on them and the colt panicked. For the pure reason of wanting to protect his twin brother, the Chaotic One unleashed a huge wave of his power. The trio of would-be killers were caught in the wave. Oda was blown off his hooves and was impaled on a low lying branch. He was killed instantly. The two with him escaped with various injuries.

Quetzalcoatl and Masamune, who heard the twins’ cries for help and felt Muramasa’s burst of power, came out to see the colts on the ground and Oda dead. Realizing what was happening, Quetzalcoatl flew off in a rage to see to Mai, leaving the Prince to watch the boys. Mai paid the ultimate price to protect her sons. She survived long enough to beg Quetzalcoatl to protect her sons and then she died. The loss of their mother and the utter confusion of why their father tried to kill them made the twins human enough to cry, long before they were able to take a human form.

Muramasa is a quiet sort of insane being. One could say he’s a high-functioning psychopath. His Meaningful Name comes from the infamous Japanese swordsmith of the same name. Muramasa blades had a reputation of being bloodthirsty blades while the master himself was said to be a little off his rocker. It’s said that Ieyatsu Tokugawa, founder of the Tokugawa regime, forbade his samurai from owning Muramasa blades. The kirin Muramsa is quite insane, due to his power, but his imposed isolation has kept him from acting on impulses to kill, barring a particular incident.

Muramasa also invokes the trope Even Evil Has Standards. He does has some morals, even though they tend to get twisted around depending on stimuli. For one, he will never intentionally harm his brother, Murasame. He possess a green thumb unheard of in such a being as he. He keeps a large garden for his own use and, in his own words, says that the flowers make him feel at peace. He has grown and cared for them almost as soon as his parents died. It came to the Sovereign’s attention when he returned with Mai’s body to see Muramasa mechanically trying to keep alive a single tawny day-lily that was starting to wither in an unused courtyard.

Since then, Quetzalcoatl provided the troubled youth with flowers to care for as well as the use of the courtyard for his garden. Muramasa does have a sense of joy and pleasure in growing things almost as if to prove he’s not dangerous, even though he knows full well that he is. His desire to protect his garden has had disastrous results in the distant past. A gang of bandits broke into Temple to ransack it and their entry point was the garden. Muramasa had been away at the main building of the Temple complex and he returned to see a majority of his garden destroyed. The bandits were still there destroying more and the stallion went berserk. He slaughtered the gang without mercy. It took Masamune’s power to knock the crazed Muramasa out. Quetzalcoatl is still plagued by nightmares from time to time of the carnage, worse than any battle he’s fought in his long lifetime. No Kill Like Overkill is the trope.

Muramasa is capable of love but it’s often overshadowed by his insanity. He did have feelings for a kirin mare who came to Temple with Murasame after a mission. The mare, named Katana, had a silent crush on Masamune but she eventually grew to love Murasame. The red-and-carmine stallion was left with a broken heart on having lost Katana to his brother. He has since been introduced to a blind mare named Kaya who’s unique power allows her to “see” the life force or power of another magical being. I’m stuck on that story so I don’t know how to bring them closer.

Muramasa is a character I pity as much as my near-immortals. He has minimal control over his power and generally has a rotten lot in life. But he’s one of my favorites and I hoe to finish the stories with him in them.


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