The “Loner” mentality

The “Loner” mentality is actually an euphemism that the Unicorn Nation uses for those of their own who’ve grown vain in either their looks or abilities or just have attitude problems that refuse to be adjusted. It generally chalks up to banishment, both voluntary and involuntary. The majority of the unicorns are generally quite humble concerning their appearances and abilities and they pride themselves on their inherent kindness and being hospitable, despite personal opinions. Those who have too much pride or are too vain often voluntarily leave their herds to live life as Loners because they’re incapable of being humble. Black unicorns, like Tempest, are forced into the Loner life involuntarily due to ancient superstition surrounding the color black.

Outsiders who don’t understand the Unicorn Nation’s ways often just see Fantastic Racism at work and are often ignorant of the fact that Loners choose that lifestyle of their own will. They’re never coerced into that life. As very few black unicorns exist at any point in time, the chance of a unicorn being a Loner involuntarily is astronomically low. If a unicorn is banished for a reason other then excessive pride or a nonadjustable attitude, other herds are free to take them in. As Loners generally feel they’re better off alone, they’re not welcome in other herds if said herds know the identity of the Loner. Herd members rarely clash with Loners because they are avoided by said Loners.

Involuntary Loners like Tempest usually have a hard time getting accepted into a new herd because their appearance invokes a natural wariness that causes their kind to avoid solid black things, even other animals outside their own species. This sort of thing is also found in humans who tend to avoid black cats and dogs. They can be integrated into a new herd with varying levels of success and it only works if both the black unicorn and the herd he wants to adopt as a new home come to an understanding of that black unicorn’s true nature. Some blacks remain Loners their whole lives while others, like Tempest, were successful in integrating into a new herd through sheer determination. Tempest also had the advantage of having Allianna on his side.  She believed he was good of heart. It varies from herd to herd.

It should be noted that piebald unicorns and black unicorns with some white areas (like socks or facial traits like blazes or stars) are exempt from the superstition since they aren’t solid black. Tempest has not a drop of white on him, except for the whites of his eyes, which lands him into the rare position of involuntary Loner. As noted in his own post, his red garnet eyes makes him a very rare case of having both “bad luck” traits, known as the Abhorred Look. Other black unicorns had eye colors spanning the visible spectrum but Tempest is one of three known black unicorns in the entire 6000 year history of All World to possess the Abhorred Look. His appearance saddled him with a justifiably rare title: Abhorred Loner.

The history behind how the black and red garnet combination became known as the Abhorred Look is quite simple if not ancient. It is written that the Deciever himself first appeared to the unicorns after they established themselves as a Nation, not long after the fall. He came in the form of a solid black stallion with his trademark red garnet eyes. He tried to turn the equines against the Almighty’s ways the same way he turned the Harpy Nation (which led to them getting stripped of their beauty as punishment for growing too vain). When he was exposed as the Deceiver and his plans destroyed, the appearance he took to turn the unicorns became known as the Abhorred Look, to remind them of what the Deceiver looked like the day he tried to bring them down. It didn’t take long for solid black fur to be seen as a sign of evil, no matter the eye color.

As rare as it was, involuntary Loners are almost nonexistent as stated above. The Abhorred Look is even rarer than that. Since the three known carriers of the Look existed at different periods of time, it’s generally assumed that only one can exist at a time. There could be others out there but usually word of a black unicorn (eye color notwithstanding) spreads across the Continent pretty quickly. News of a unicorn with the Abhorred Look spreads so fast, it’s as though it spread instantaneously. It’s not an easily kept secret and there are ways of exposing one in disguise.

It should also be noted that solid black pelts are rare only in the Unicorn Nation. The other three equine Nations have solid black fur occur more commonly and each perceives it more favorably. The Abhorred Look is still the rarest appearance in each Nation and is usually limited to the horned nations (unicorn, pterripus, and kirin). The Kirin Nation, for instance, finds that black fur or scales is a sign of strength and levelheadedness.  Only one known kirin was born with the Abhorred Look. He was named Date (Dah-tay) and he lived 2000 years ago. He’s regarded as the greatest Viceroy in the history of the Nation. The Pegasus and Pterripus Nations regard solid black members of their own races with indifference. To them, it’s just a look. The Abhorred Look occurred twice in the Pterripus Nation but not once in the Pegasus Nation to date.

My next blog may deal with bad luck colors and combos for at least the Kirin Nation, seeing as how Muramasa carries such a look, red-and-carmine with orange eyes, and justified for his chaotically evil power. This blog was to make sure that my readers know that my unicorns aren’t flat Friends To All Living Things. They’re as capable of bigotry as humans are. They just don’t fall into the trap as often as humans do, given the rarity of the color they hate.


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