Gilgamesh and Fenrir

Gilgamesh and Fenrir are possibly two of my favorite canines in my stories and neither have been written much. Fenrir’s been around since the pilot story while Gilgamesh is relatively new. They both hold positions of power; Fenrir being the Grandmaster of the Assassins while Gilgamesh is the alpha of the Ganpon Forest Pack.

Gilgamesh is a white werewolf with gold eyes and is rather prideful, always picking fights with Assassins whenever he can. He’s possibly 160 years old, roughly the equivalent of a 30-year-old human. He has a years-old hatred for Fenrir that the Grandmaster either disregards or doesn’t know about. He’s boastful of whenever he gets the one-up on an Assassin and his dream is to best Fenrir in battle someday. Despite his faults, Gilgamesh is a good leader to his pack and he is strong. He stands at seven feet tall and is well-known throughout the Nations as the werewolf who took down a man-eater singlehandedly. Werewolves, in general, are misunderstood due to their size and rarely seen ferociousness but they are generally the ones who clean up threats that man-eating beasts pose and they do it to protect themselves. When dealing with a man-eater, they work in teams of two. Gilgamesh took one out by himself, as if to prove a point. Aside from Fenrir, his greatest enemy was an unstable werewolf named Beowulf, one of the rare werewolves capable of magic.

Fenrir, as stated before, is the ancient Grandmaster of the Assassins and whose true form is massive. It’s speculated that he’s actually not a grey wolf but an abnormally large dire wolf left over from ancient times and discounting the dires’ continued existence as a protected species on Island Reptilia. He’s a strict but fair master to his kind and is willing to parlay with the werewolves if possible. He’s on good terms with Vashti, a she-werewolf who is the new messenger from Gilgamesh’s pack. His most trusted Assassins are Rome, Syracuse, and Damascus. He was also the one who tracked down and killed Hebron, an Assassin traitor who was running with a human gang with a dragon named Blade. Fenrir doesn’t handle betrayal well at all and rarely lets traitors walk away alive. He’s still fair to them during a trial, if given, but as seen with Hebron, traitors who compromise the Guilds are dealt with in death. Hebron was also a thief who stole weapons from his Guild home with the intention of selling them to humans. Other than that, he’s a good example of a Reasonable Authority Figure and he’s a father figure to his Assassins as well as outsiders who get to know him.

The reason behind Gilgamesh’s hatred for Fenrir stems from a time before he was born. Back then, one of the campaigns and purposes of the Assassin-Werewolf War (aka the Wolf-Werewolf War) was to clear the forest near Verboden Waaier so the humans could build their capital city. That forest was the werewolf pack’s territory so the two came to blows when the werewolves refused to hand the territory over. Fenrir gained his prominence during the battle, and that helped him gain the position of Grandmaster later on. The pack was driven from that part of the forest, which was subsequently chopped down and cleared for Ganpon. There was still plenty of forest territory left so the werewolves weren’t completely without a home. Fenrir’s master eventually opened up the Guild in the City after construction was done and it became HQ. Fenrir was soon made Grandmaster and he lived there ever since. To him, Gilgamesh is just another werewolf he has to deal with from time to time. He either doesn’t know or care about the fact that the white werewolf hates his guts.

Gilgamesh was born centuries after the war and was brought up on the stories of Fenrir’s exploits. He felt wronged by the theft of werewolf lands for the humans to build their city but he rarely spent his hate on the humans themselves, focusing it on Fenrir. The most likely reason is because the humans involved in Ganpon’s settlement and founding are long gone while Fenrir had endured the ages far past his kind’s lifespan. He’s the only Assassin left from that time. Gilgamesh’s less-than-savory habits of picking fights with the Assassins and rather excessive werewolf pride stem from his hate for Assassins in general and Fenrir in particular. However, since meeting Vashti and making her his second, Gilgamesh has been more willing to talk business with the Grandmaster but he has gotten into trouble for entering the city. Not only is it Fenrir’s territory but since werewolves can’t transform, it causes a panic whenever one enters. It’s suspected he has feelings for Vashti, since she was the only one who helped him take down the dangerous Beowulf, who also was suspected to have  feelings for her.


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