Werewolves and Assassins

This post is for me to describe my werewolves and the Assassins, shape-shifting wolves. While I refuse to introduce vampires into my mythos, werewolves are better in keeping to my world’s rules. It’s also to free me from the obligation that most stories dealing with one or the other seem to follow: if you have vampires, you must have werewolves and vice versa. I find the whole vampire-werewolf conflict to be incredibly cliched so my werewolves are the main frenemies to the Assassins, they themselves wolves. There are various differences between my werewolves and the classic werewolf and those differences also set them apart from the Assassins.

Let’s start off with the All Worldian werewolf. What makes them different from the classic usage is that they are not humans with lycanthropy. They are merely anthropomorphic wolves that go by the name werewolf and it serves as the main difference between a werewolf and an Assassin, which transforms into a human (albeit with the ears and tail remaining).  Had  my werewolves followed the classic example, it would invoke the Not So Different trope in their relationship with the Assassins and that would cause more problems than I’d want to deal with.

Werewolves cover the entire spectrum of fur colors seen in real world wolves. They are taller than humans, with males at seven feet and females reaching at most six feet, six inches. Their legs are digitagrade like a wolf and they have opposable thumbs like humans. They generally run on all fours but are capable of running like humans. Werewolf females have the same attributes as a human female but as their bodies are covered in fur, werewolves don’t wear any sort of clothing. The fur in both sexes provides the same amount of modesty as human clothes do. Werewolves aren’t bothered by it that way humans and transforming entities are. Like humans, a she-werewolf usually has one pup at a time and werewolves mate for life, like a human should. Werewolves live in packs scattered around the Continent and each pack has an alpha.

Werewolves do have the ability to speak in the human tongue but when it’s among their own kind, they generally use the same body language seen in real wolves. They speak human when dealing with non-werewolf outsiders and when they have to use words to communicate what body language can’t. They are one of the few intelligent races with no magic, as such they cannot transform.

Assassins, on the other hand, are transforming wolves. Their true forms are the same size as wolves found in the world, with the exception of Grandmaster Fenrir, who is about the size of a tiger. Fenrir is ancient as well but he wasn’t the first Grandmaster of the Assassin Guilds. He has predecessors whose names are lost to history but it’s accepted truth that Fenrir was the greatest of all. He rose to prominence during the Wolf-Werewolf War, a silent war not found in human history and he was the one who drove the Ganpon Forest Pack from where human city, Ganpon, would be built. This has earned him the emnity of a white werewolf named Gilgamesh who was born centuries after the fact. More on that in my next post.

My wolf Assassins are inspired by the assassins from the Assassin’s Creed games by Ubisoft. Rather idealistic, I know, since murder is still murder no matter the reason. They are under the control of Fenrir but they are also willing tools of the Emperor. The Guild based in Ganpon act as supplement protection for the city and its people, as well as the Emperor. Despite this, Ganpon’s human citizens are usually unaware of the Guild’s existence and the Assassins themselves are looked down on due to their profession. As the Assassins are mere wolves able to take a human form, they are as territorial as the real thing. The Ganpon Guild is fiercely protective of their territory and, given the bad blood between them, won’t hesitate to chase off a werewolf. However, since they are both sapient races, they can and will parlay with each other if the need arises.

Assassins generally dress in clothes that match their true form’s colors. They wear hooded cloaks to hide both their tails and ears, the only traits that remain when they transform. Fenrir, for instance, is a grey wolf so his clothing reflects that. The Guilds around the Continent aren’t separate packs but are mere extensions of the Ganpon Guild as that’s where Fenrir directs his kind from. All the Guilds can be seen as one large pack, just separated into various regions, while Fenrir is the alpha. The named Assassins in my stories are male but there are females as well. The named Assassins had names of ancient cities with the exception of two. They are Rome, Syracuse,  Damascus, and the traitor Hebron. The two exceptions are Tiberius (who went under the alias of Emmaus  for 13 years) and Fenrir himself. There may be a couple I’ve forgotten.

Next up is Gilgamesh and Fenrir.


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  2. Wohh just what I was looking for, thank you for putting up.

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