The Council of Myth

The Council of Myth is a group of transformers that convene whenever there’s an issue that could affect the whole Continent. I’ve used it at least once, in the pilot story. The Council had to convene because a human named Jen was plotting to overthrow the Imperial Family, for understandable reasons. There’s more info in the post on Judge Krakatau.

The members are different most of the time because they don’t convene a whole lot. The Kings are the exception. They have to be at every meeting if possible. Since they age but never die, it’s best for them to be in attendance to guide the other members. The last Gathering had the Kings, Eupe Obawa the pterripus, Vertigo the pegasus, Pureza the unicorn, Judge Krakatau, Kitsune the fox,  Fleet Foot the jackalope, and Tartarus the griffin adviser to the Emperor. They were also joined by a Death’s Head horse named Reaper who wasn’t a member of that Council. He was more of a device to say that Death follows you everywhere but Reaper isn’t evil. He’s my way of saying that Death knows no good or evil and Death never messes around on the job. Reaper appears to be living but if he touches you, you can see his true form. Since the pilot, the Death’s Heads’ use has been discontinued.

The Coucil convenes in Vale des Lebens, the last pocket of an area unchanged from the Old World. The Vale is located deep in Verboden Waaier and is impossible to find except by those who know where it is. The Vale managed to survive the Landless Time unscathed due to one being. Orochi, the Shogun I’ve written of before, wasn’t on the Ark when the waters came. No one knows for sure how he survived. Not even he knows. The Kings hypothesized that the reason he did survive and the reason the Vale was undamaged from being underwater were linked. They theorized that Orochi probably didn’t get to the Ark on time before the door closed or he was being bullheaded as always and didn’t want to show up.

The theory goes that the Almighty knew what Orochi was up to and somehow trapped him in the Vale, putting him in suspended animation. The Vale was then protected by a shield from the flood waters which covered every square inch of land. Orochi was held in the Vale for the forty days and nights that the rains fell and for however long it took for the water to recede. All that is known that after the water cleared off, the Kings were told by the Almighty about Orochi and where to find him. They headed to the Vale to see the giant eight-headed snake just as he was coming out of statis. They asked what happened to him but his memory was fuzzy. All he remembered was hanging around the Vale before everything went black. He had a bit of a shock to learn he had survived a global flood untouched.

Since the Landless Time left the Vale untouched, it was decided that it would be the meeting place for the Council of Myth. Suzaku described it as “their very own Garden of Eden”. Truthfully the Vale is a small slice of what Sanctuary used to be before the Flood destroyed it and turned it into the Great Desert. It’s well protected from the outside world through a combination of Verboden Waaier’s reputation and the difficulty is to find it. Only one known human has known to see the Veil and that was Anna, Krakatau’s human love interest. The Council did a follow-up meeting after Jen was stopped to decide what to do with him. It was decided that Anna attend that meeting to make it seem less biased. A human should be able to help decide the fate of a human under scrutiny from a council of transforming animals.

Other times the Council convened in the past was during some of the major wars. The War of Lords, in which the Lords of Air, Sea, and Earth were slain, was one such war.  They sometimes convene if the Imperial Royal Family has issues with succession. They also serve as watchdogs for the Family so that all Emperors/Empresses follow the law and weed out corruption.

My next blog will talk about another less used animal idea: jackalopes and Jackalope Hollow.


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    • By all means, follow. This blog will also have other articles that don’t deal with my world at all and I might push some nostalgia buttons.

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