The Joys of Editing

As you all know from my About Me section, you know that I help a Malaysian girl, Krystle Kuan, with comics she’s worked on for several years. They include Transformers and her original work, Wolf Brothers. What you may not know is that I’m not paid for the work I do, which is edit her scripts into proper English (and dealing with the fact that Asian countries write in Queen’s English instead of American XD). I do, however, have some form of payment in the fact that I get my name on the finished product as well as the product itself for free. Krys and I are currently working on a sequel, simply titled Wolf Brothers 2. It’s going follow the Wolf Brothers, half-wolves and twins Carlos and Travis, on their next adventure and joining them is their cousin, Fred. I don’t know too much about the story just yet, only that Fred will be trained by his cousins to be a better fighter. He lost his father at a young age and his mother recently passed away so Fred is going to be living with his cousins and their parents.

Wolf Brothers 2 is the second of a planned trilogy. The first Wolf Brothers manga was the twins traveling to another village on a mission to find missing children in place of their father, a wolf beast named Khoval. At the village, the brothers are aided in their mission by a girl named Clara who prayed to Khoval (who has clairvoyance) to come help them. Clara eventually ends up as Travis’s girlfriend. Fred already has a girlfriend, a human girl named Mina who appeared in the offshoot GiD manga, Wolf Rookie: Be My Pet.

Wolf Brothers 3 is a project I can’t wait to work on. Carlos, the elder twin, doesn’t have a girlfriend but Krys and I are going to really pool our talents together and make a story of how he meets my character, a wolf girl named Raine. She’s actually a re-purposed, renamed incarnation of a wolf I roleplay on the Blackblood Alliance wolf forum named Starfire. This whole idea of Carlos meeting Starfire/Raine began with a contest Krys ran on DeviantART and in which I placed third. I started thinking what if we could expand on my entry and make it a main series story like WB and WB2? After all, Carlos is the biggest hit of the three guys with the fangirls and yet, he doesn’t have an in-story girlfriend. Well, that was a year or so back but once work began on WB2, I brought the idea up to Krys again and she’s all for it.

At this point, we’re going to continue work on WB2 but I already am starting to develop Raine’s character and I have a bio started on her character. Like Carlos and Fred, Raine has wolf ears and a tail. However, while Carlos and Fred have normal colored hair (brown and black respectively), Raine’s is white. Everything about her is white, except her belt which is black, and her wolf form has patches of silver. Her eyes are also an unusual color; gold. Unlike Clara and Mina, Raine also wears her hair short.

I was thinking about the guys and their girlfriends (future GF in Carlos’ case) and they’re pretty balanced out in terms of appearance. While Carlos and Travis are identical twins in the face, Travis looks pure human. Carlos has the ears and tail, as written above. Fred has the same traits as him and he’s also half and half. The girls, however are the opposite. Travis and Fred’s GFs are both human while Raine’s a wolf-girl.  It basically boils down to three humans and three wolf-like people. Travis may be part-wolf but he has no obvious wolfish traits like his twin, aside from the ability to transform into one. I like how that all works out, especially in their relationships. You have the human Travis and Clara, the half-wolf Fred and human Mina, and the half-wolves Carlos and Raine. I should suggest to Krys that she draw the guys and their girlfriends in one picture so we can see them all together.

I love working with Krys. I take pride in my half of the work and at least neither of us has to rush. It takes me awhile to get in gear and edit any pages that need it because it takes awhile for them to get to me. Both of us work real jobs, her for an animation company and me subbing in school cafeterias. All in all, the work we do on these projects is worth it all the time. I may not be paid for it but just seeing my name on the cover and holding the book in my hands is worth everything.


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