Theme Naming – All World

I’ve noticing that with some groups of beings in All World, I’ve followed some Theme Naming. Take the Assassin Order of Wolves. Except for two, the named assassins I’ve written about  (or plan to) follow a particular naming pattern. They’re named for cities (ancient and modern) in the Mediterranean and Middle East. Eight are Master Assassins and three others are Fenrir’s most trusted assassins. Aside from Fenrir, the other assassin who doesn’t follow the Theme Naming is Tiberius but he did have a city-based alias he used for thirteen years hiding as a family dog. He was called Emmaus during that period.

The eight Masters are Pompeii, Sparta, Thyatira, Thessalonica, Corinth, Baghdad, Athens, and Cairo. The former four are female and the latter four are male. This keeps the Assassin Council equal in terms of gender, even though Fenrir brings the male count to five. His most trusted assassins are Rome, Syracuse, and Damascus. They’re not Masters but they’ve impressed Fenrir a lot during their years as assassins for Ganpon HQ. I’ll likely write a post about the Council and give some more info on the Masters.

Another group with Theme Naming are the Emperors and Empresses of the Human Empire. They have exclusively Japanese names, since Ganpon is a mixture of Japanese and Chinese architecture. The Imperial Palace happens to be based on the Forbidden City in China while the surrounding city is set up like a Japanese town encircled by a large wall.

The werewolves also follow Theme Naming. Several named werewolves share the names of epic and Biblical figures. They are Gilgamesh, Vashti, Esther, Jezebel, and Beowulf.

The dinosaurs follow some Theme Naming but they’re usually named for a trait they have. Inferno, for instance, has an impressive color pattern on his scales that invoke images of flames. Same for his mate, Pyra, and son, Ember. They’re less intense in color than he is.

That’s about all the groups I can think of that use Theme Naming. Next post will be on the Master Assassins.


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