The Master Assassins

The Masters are a group of eight assassins directly under Fenrir. They form the Council that convenes at times in Ganpon. There are two masters for each Domain, one Senior Master and one Junior Master. The Junior Masters are usually newly promoted wolves and are generally younger than the Senior Masters. The oldest Master, aside from Fenrir, is Baghdad at the age of 65. The youngest Master is Sparta at the age of 15. She was also the youngest Master in the history of the order. The Junior Masters are also the partners of the Senior Masters as they are equals and each watches one half of their shared Domain.

In the event a Senior Master is removed from their post due to death or demotion, the Junior Master is elevated to Senior Master status. Very rarely are Junior Masters passed over for that promotion but it depends on various factors and is decided by the Council, the final say coming from Fenrir. Sparta became a Junior Master because her predecessor under Athens was conspiring against him, seeking to kill him and become Senior Master. Athens found out and reported it to Fenrir who had that Junior Master removed and killed. Sparta was the only wolf in the East who showed the most promise as a leader and was made Athens’ new partner despite her young age.

There are four females and four males on the Council. Below are the names, wolf types, ages, branches, and statuses of the eight Masters. Included is Fenrir for comparison.

Pompeii is a 30-year-old red wolf assassin and Senior Master of the North. She watches the Far North in Genbu’s territory. Her partner is Cairo, a 23-year-old Tundra wolf assassin and the Junior Master of the North. He watches the southern half of Genbu’s territory.

Athens is a 45-year-ol Eastern wolf assassin and Senior Master of the East. He watches the Far East in Seiryu’s territory. His partner is Sparta, a 15-year-old Indian wolf assassin and the Junior Master of the East. She watches the western half of Seiryu’s territory.

Baghdad is a 65-year-old Arabian wolf assassin and Senior Master of the South. He watches the Far South of Suzaku’s territory. His partner is Thyatira, a 33-year-old Tibetan wolf assassin and the Junior Master of the South. She watches the northern half of Suzaku’s territory.

Thessalonica is a 40-year-old Eurasian wolf assassin and Senior Master of the West. She watches the Far West of Byakko’s territory. Her partner is Corinth, a 26-year-old Arctic wolf assassin and the Junior Master of the West. He watches the eastern half of Byakko’s territory.

Lastly, there’s Fenrir, the 4500-year-old dire wolf assassin and the Grandmaster of the Order. His territory is strictly Ganpon, the capital of the Human Empire in Suzaku’s South. He has no partner but his three most trusted assassins are Rome, Syracuse, and Damascus. Their ages and wolf types are unknown, though it’s rumored that Damascus isn’t a wolf at all but a dog bred to look like a dire wolf, the American Alsatian.

There is some weight to the rumor as Damascus is always used as Fenrir’s decoy and enemies who walked away alive confirmed it was him at first before Fenrir showed himself. He’s not as big as Fenrir but of all assassins, he’s the closest in size and appearance to him. How a dog could be a transformer is the great mystery and Damascus himself usually calls himself an overlarge wolf. Other rumors say that he’s a true dire wolf like his master but Fenrir is quick to affirm that he is the last of the giant transforming wolves. Still other rumors state that Damascus is the son of Fenrir, hence his resemblance to the ancient Grandmaster. All World may never know the truth behind him.


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