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Theme Naming – All World

I’ve noticing that with some groups of beings in All World, I’ve followed some Theme Naming. Take the Assassin Order of Wolves. Except for two, the named assassins I’ve written about  (or plan to) follow a particular naming pattern. They’re named for cities (ancient and modern) in the Mediterranean and Middle East. Eight are Master Assassins and three others are Fenrir’s most trusted assassins. Aside from Fenrir, the other assassin who doesn’t follow the Theme Naming is Tiberius but he did have a city-based alias he used for thirteen years hiding as a family dog. He was called Emmaus during that period.

The eight Masters are Pompeii, Sparta, Thyatira, Thessalonica, Corinth, Baghdad, Athens, and Cairo. The former four are female and the latter four are male. This keeps the Assassin Council equal in terms of gender, even though Fenrir brings the male count to five. His most trusted assassins are Rome, Syracuse, and Damascus. They’re not Masters but they’ve impressed Fenrir a lot during their years as assassins for Ganpon HQ. I’ll likely write a post about the Council and give some more info on the Masters.

Another group with Theme Naming are the Emperors and Empresses of the Human Empire. They have exclusively Japanese names, since Ganpon is a mixture of Japanese and Chinese architecture. The Imperial Palace happens to be based on the Forbidden City in China while the surrounding city is set up like a Japanese town encircled by a large wall.

The werewolves also follow Theme Naming. Several named werewolves share the names of epic and Biblical figures. They are Gilgamesh, Vashti, Esther, Jezebel, and Beowulf.

The dinosaurs follow some Theme Naming but they’re usually named for a trait they have. Inferno, for instance, has an impressive color pattern on his scales that invoke images of flames. Same for his mate, Pyra, and son, Ember. They’re less intense in color than he is.

That’s about all the groups I can think of that use Theme Naming. Next post will be on the Master Assassins.


The Sad Reality of War

Came across a comment on DeviantART that struck a nerve so I decided to share my thoughts. This person detests soldiers. The sad thing is that soldiers are the reason America exists. Soldiers in the 1770’s and beyond died for him to have the right to say he detests soldiers. This may come off as jaded or cynical but it’s historical truth that peace between nations of the world never lasts. War is an unending reality. Most countries are born through war. Few were born through peace, if any. I think it’s futile to hope for world peace brought about by man’s hand. It’s not futile to hope for Jesus to come back and truly bring world peace. Only God can do that. Humans are fallible beings. War was hardwired into our collective consciousness since the Fall. There’s nothing we can do to achieve world peace on our own. That’s impossible.

This person also says we should pull out of all the countries we have troops in (Germany, Japan, what have you) and start peace negotiations. I’m of the opinion that even if we do that and succeed at such a venture, countries like North Korea, Russia, or China won’t leave us alone.  I doubt any of their governments are interested in peace with us so I’m not holding my breath. This is why I can’t wait for Jesus to come back. The world will be made right again. All the fighting, greed, and sadness will finally be wiped out and war will cease forever. I no longer hope for world peace because it never lasts for a significant amount of time. It’s cruel to hope for and achieve it, only for it to die a horrible death through a war. As I think back, even when I was too young to understand it, I was living through nothing but wartime. I only took notice when 9/11 happened.

It’s possible to support our troops while simultaneously not supporting whatever war they happen to be fighting. I’ve spent seven years of my life supporting our troops while giving the war itself contempt. I have soldiers in my family. One served in WW2 (God bless his soul). Another served in Vietnam. Yet two others served in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don’t like coming across people who detest our troops because they come off as ungrateful for the rights they have, which are protected by our troops. It’s far better to hate war in general while keeping the troops out of the hate fest. They are willing to put their lives on the line so we can continue to exist.

Soliders fought for our freedom over two hundred years ago and this country was one of many that was born through war. That will never change.

As Time Moves On

Since 2011 is close to passing away and making way for 2012, I thought about writing a little piece. I have love/hate feelings for 2012. I like that it’s a new year and I can’t wait to see what God has for me in my future. I also have The Hobbit part 1 to look forward to on December 14, 2012. On the other hand, I have a year to listen to people saying the world as we know it is ending at the end of the year. I hate (not) to burst their bubble but the problems of this world won’t disappear on December 21, 2012. They’ll still be present and accounted for on December 22 and beyond. I don’t think it’s the end of an era either. The Era of Man’s Stupidity will last quite a while longer. Also, the world isn’t suddenly going to go apocalyptic on that date either. That can happen anytime between now and then. It’s according to GOD’S design. MAN is not meant to know when the world is ending in any way, shape, or form. It’s futile to predict the exact date. World events are starting to look a lot like the predictions of Revelations are starting to come to pass but we don’t know for sure. We Christians must remain vigilant and mindful.

That brings me down to the conspiracy theories and people who buy into them. Regardless of any grain of truth in them (not likely), I just can’t help but feel that people who buy into and promote conspiracy theories are just fear-mongering so they can stir up the masses. It’s like they don’t even care if they’re right or wrong as long as they can instill fear in someone else. This is how chaos starts. You instill fear in someone and it spreads like a virus unless someone who’s actually sane steps in to put those fears to rest. This is why, regardless of any grain of truth, I despise conspiracy theories. They make me question things and I start fearing the possibility of them being true. It’s not fair to people like me if you insist a theory is true. It’s called a theory for a reason: it may or may not be true. That’s the biggest beef I have with the theory of evolution, it being preached as truth when there’s no real truth/proof to support it. But that’s a whole can of worms so I’m not getting into it now. My stories slam it for me.

The thing I’m dreading the most about December 2012 is the possibility of mass suicides. You wouldn’t believe how many people have bought into that doomsday scenario hook, line, and sinker. Some people would be crazy enough to take their own lives. Kind of wasteful of them when the day after The End will be just like any other day. I say a prayer for those people for the future. They haven’t learned a thing since Harold Camping predicted The End at least three times and none of them came to pass. He just did it for the money. How un-Christianlike of him. It’s pitiful and pathetic.

Here’s my own prediction for December 21, 2012. The day will pass as normal. After all, the world was supposed to end five times in the last decade alone. Why should 2012 be different? We’ll wake up to an unchanged (or still existing) world on December 22, the 2012 believers will start feeling stupid at buying into hogwash (or they’ll start making excuses), and I’ll be counting down the days to Christmas and my 25th birthday in 2013. Hopefully, my fears of mass suicide will be wrong because I really think the suicide rate is going to spike a great deal as 2012 moves forward. People can be cowardly that way. They’d rather end it for themselves instead of waiting to see if it’s true or not.

I pray for humanity’s collective sanity because I think this year is going test our race like never before. People feared the Cold War because the possibility of Soviet Russia nuking us was very real. People fearing a date is pretty groundless. The Mayans didn’t even follow the Gregorian  solar calender. They may have gotten to the year 2012 but how the date became settled on December 21st is a mystery to me. It depends on if December as a month even existed back then but even if it did, the Mayans wouldn’t know that.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Personally, I’m just going to take one day at a time as I’ve always done. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

The “Loner” mentality

The “Loner” mentality is actually an euphemism that the Unicorn Nation uses for those of their own who’ve grown vain in either their looks or abilities or just have attitude problems that refuse to be adjusted. It generally chalks up to banishment, both voluntary and involuntary. The majority of the unicorns are generally quite humble concerning their appearances and abilities and they pride themselves on their inherent kindness and being hospitable, despite personal opinions. Those who have too much pride or are too vain often voluntarily leave their herds to live life as Loners because they’re incapable of being humble. Black unicorns, like Tempest, are forced into the Loner life involuntarily due to ancient superstition surrounding the color black.

Outsiders who don’t understand the Unicorn Nation’s ways often just see Fantastic Racism at work and are often ignorant of the fact that Loners choose that lifestyle of their own will. They’re never coerced into that life. As very few black unicorns exist at any point in time, the chance of a unicorn being a Loner involuntarily is astronomically low. If a unicorn is banished for a reason other then excessive pride or a nonadjustable attitude, other herds are free to take them in. As Loners generally feel they’re better off alone, they’re not welcome in other herds if said herds know the identity of the Loner. Herd members rarely clash with Loners because they are avoided by said Loners.

Involuntary Loners like Tempest usually have a hard time getting accepted into a new herd because their appearance invokes a natural wariness that causes their kind to avoid solid black things, even other animals outside their own species. This sort of thing is also found in humans who tend to avoid black cats and dogs. They can be integrated into a new herd with varying levels of success and it only works if both the black unicorn and the herd he wants to adopt as a new home come to an understanding of that black unicorn’s true nature. Some blacks remain Loners their whole lives while others, like Tempest, were successful in integrating into a new herd through sheer determination. Tempest also had the advantage of having Allianna on his side.  She believed he was good of heart. It varies from herd to herd.

It should be noted that piebald unicorns and black unicorns with some white areas (like socks or facial traits like blazes or stars) are exempt from the superstition since they aren’t solid black. Tempest has not a drop of white on him, except for the whites of his eyes, which lands him into the rare position of involuntary Loner. As noted in his own post, his red garnet eyes makes him a very rare case of having both “bad luck” traits, known as the Abhorred Look. Other black unicorns had eye colors spanning the visible spectrum but Tempest is one of three known black unicorns in the entire 6000 year history of All World to possess the Abhorred Look. His appearance saddled him with a justifiably rare title: Abhorred Loner.

The history behind how the black and red garnet combination became known as the Abhorred Look is quite simple if not ancient. It is written that the Deciever himself first appeared to the unicorns after they established themselves as a Nation, not long after the fall. He came in the form of a solid black stallion with his trademark red garnet eyes. He tried to turn the equines against the Almighty’s ways the same way he turned the Harpy Nation (which led to them getting stripped of their beauty as punishment for growing too vain). When he was exposed as the Deceiver and his plans destroyed, the appearance he took to turn the unicorns became known as the Abhorred Look, to remind them of what the Deceiver looked like the day he tried to bring them down. It didn’t take long for solid black fur to be seen as a sign of evil, no matter the eye color.

As rare as it was, involuntary Loners are almost nonexistent as stated above. The Abhorred Look is even rarer than that. Since the three known carriers of the Look existed at different periods of time, it’s generally assumed that only one can exist at a time. There could be others out there but usually word of a black unicorn (eye color notwithstanding) spreads across the Continent pretty quickly. News of a unicorn with the Abhorred Look spreads so fast, it’s as though it spread instantaneously. It’s not an easily kept secret and there are ways of exposing one in disguise.

It should also be noted that solid black pelts are rare only in the Unicorn Nation. The other three equine Nations have solid black fur occur more commonly and each perceives it more favorably. The Abhorred Look is still the rarest appearance in each Nation and is usually limited to the horned nations (unicorn, pterripus, and kirin). The Kirin Nation, for instance, finds that black fur or scales is a sign of strength and levelheadedness.  Only one known kirin was born with the Abhorred Look. He was named Date (Dah-tay) and he lived 2000 years ago. He’s regarded as the greatest Viceroy in the history of the Nation. The Pegasus and Pterripus Nations regard solid black members of their own races with indifference. To them, it’s just a look. The Abhorred Look occurred twice in the Pterripus Nation but not once in the Pegasus Nation to date.

My next blog may deal with bad luck colors and combos for at least the Kirin Nation, seeing as how Muramasa carries such a look, red-and-carmine with orange eyes, and justified for his chaotically evil power. This blog was to make sure that my readers know that my unicorns aren’t flat Friends To All Living Things. They’re as capable of bigotry as humans are. They just don’t fall into the trap as often as humans do, given the rarity of the color they hate.

Muramasa the Chaotic One

Muramasa is a recent character to the All World mythos. He’s the younger twin son to a pair of kirins named Mai and Oda. His older twin is Murasame. He’s a red-and-carmine kirin with navy blue hair and orange eyes.

Muramasa has had terrible luck ever since he was born. Every kirin has some sort of power and Muramasa was unlucky enough to be born with chaotic evil power. He’s insane as a result and his birth nearly killed his mother, Mai. A kirin’s power manifests when they turn ten. Muramasa’s, however,  manifested just moments before his birth. The twins’ father, Oda, had it in for him from that day on but he didn’t make a move until a few days before the twins turned ten. Oda instead invited Sovereign Quetzalcoatl to inspect the foals due to manifest and tried to startle Quetzalcoatl into killing the boy for him when the time came.

Quetzalcoatl threw a wrench in that plan by bringing along his apprentice, Prince Masamune, son of the Viceroy. Masamune was born 200 years prior and manifested harmonious good. Muramasa’s power had been under seal for ten years, a final favor to Mai from Oda before he broke their Bond. The seal had weakened all those years and broke the moment Muramasa and Masamune made eye contact. Oda’s plot fell apart when Masamune revealed that he was born and given his harmonious power for the sole purpose of subduing Muramasa’s chaotic evil. Quetzalcoatl rebuked Oda for not coming to him as soon as the twins were born and letting him know. He then told Mai in secret that if she felt her sons were in danger, to bring them to Temple about sixteen miles away.

A few days later, Oda moved against his sons. Mai rushed them from their forest while he and a gang of kirin stallions pursued them. Mai, Murasame, and Muramasa were about a mile from Temple Forest when she pulled back to fight off their pursuers. She ordered her sons to keep running. Oda and two others broke from the fight Mai engaged and went after them. The boys ran straight to Temple’s door and started pounding the door with their hooves. Muramasa looked back to see Oda and the other two gaining on them and the colt panicked. For the pure reason of wanting to protect his twin brother, the Chaotic One unleashed a huge wave of his power. The trio of would-be killers were caught in the wave. Oda was blown off his hooves and was impaled on a low lying branch. He was killed instantly. The two with him escaped with various injuries.

Quetzalcoatl and Masamune, who heard the twins’ cries for help and felt Muramasa’s burst of power, came out to see the colts on the ground and Oda dead. Realizing what was happening, Quetzalcoatl flew off in a rage to see to Mai, leaving the Prince to watch the boys. Mai paid the ultimate price to protect her sons. She survived long enough to beg Quetzalcoatl to protect her sons and then she died. The loss of their mother and the utter confusion of why their father tried to kill them made the twins human enough to cry, long before they were able to take a human form.

Muramasa is a quiet sort of insane being. One could say he’s a high-functioning psychopath. His Meaningful Name comes from the infamous Japanese swordsmith of the same name. Muramasa blades had a reputation of being bloodthirsty blades while the master himself was said to be a little off his rocker. It’s said that Ieyatsu Tokugawa, founder of the Tokugawa regime, forbade his samurai from owning Muramasa blades. The kirin Muramsa is quite insane, due to his power, but his imposed isolation has kept him from acting on impulses to kill, barring a particular incident.

Muramasa also invokes the trope Even Evil Has Standards. He does has some morals, even though they tend to get twisted around depending on stimuli. For one, he will never intentionally harm his brother, Murasame. He possess a green thumb unheard of in such a being as he. He keeps a large garden for his own use and, in his own words, says that the flowers make him feel at peace. He has grown and cared for them almost as soon as his parents died. It came to the Sovereign’s attention when he returned with Mai’s body to see Muramasa mechanically trying to keep alive a single tawny day-lily that was starting to wither in an unused courtyard.

Since then, Quetzalcoatl provided the troubled youth with flowers to care for as well as the use of the courtyard for his garden. Muramasa does have a sense of joy and pleasure in growing things almost as if to prove he’s not dangerous, even though he knows full well that he is. His desire to protect his garden has had disastrous results in the distant past. A gang of bandits broke into Temple to ransack it and their entry point was the garden. Muramasa had been away at the main building of the Temple complex and he returned to see a majority of his garden destroyed. The bandits were still there destroying more and the stallion went berserk. He slaughtered the gang without mercy. It took Masamune’s power to knock the crazed Muramasa out. Quetzalcoatl is still plagued by nightmares from time to time of the carnage, worse than any battle he’s fought in his long lifetime. No Kill Like Overkill is the trope.

Muramasa is capable of love but it’s often overshadowed by his insanity. He did have feelings for a kirin mare who came to Temple with Murasame after a mission. The mare, named Katana, had a silent crush on Masamune but she eventually grew to love Murasame. The red-and-carmine stallion was left with a broken heart on having lost Katana to his brother. He has since been introduced to a blind mare named Kaya who’s unique power allows her to “see” the life force or power of another magical being. I’m stuck on that story so I don’t know how to bring them closer.

Muramasa is a character I pity as much as my near-immortals. He has minimal control over his power and generally has a rotten lot in life. But he’s one of my favorites and I hoe to finish the stories with him in them.

Dinosaurs and All World

Let’s face it. Humanity loves dinosaurs. I’m no exception. What saddens me most, aside from the animals no longer being around, is what humanity has corrupted them into: giant chickens we can no longer take seriously. Yep, people had to go and stick feathers on them when so-called evidence for such feathers was found on the raptors and other small theropods (which implies that beloved predators like Velociraptor weren’t actually dinosaurs at all but toothy birds through and through). Ignoring the teeth, would you take T. rex seriously if it had feathers ? I seriously can’t. It’s hard to be scared of a sixteen foot high chicken with teeth than the more aesthetically pleasing scaly animal we’ve known years before idiots start putting feathers on them, trying to find a nonexistent link between dinosaurs and birds. Feathers make some of the greatest animals that ever lived look lame.

Given the lame looks of dinosaurs in today’s depictions, it was inevitable that I would bring dinosaurs into All World and restore them to the way they were:  scaly animals. All World calls them Old Reptiles and to avoid using the scientific names in a world where Latin doesn’t exist, I gave them new names in layman’s words. Take my favorite dinosaur, the Spinosaurus, for instance. In All World, they are called Sailbacks for their distinctive sails. I made my dinosaurs sentient and sapient as well as putting some of the big time predators into herds in the care of human Keepers. You could even ride them if they let you. Played for the Rule of Cool because seriously, who wouldn’t want to walk down the street on the shoulders of a dinosaur? Who says large carnivores have to be mindless monsters all the time as well? The Old Reptiles are the reason Island Reptilia exists.

Going on my idealistic view that perhaps dinosaurs still exist somewhere in our world, Island Reptilia was made to be a sanctuary to prevent them from going extinct in All World. The only reason that I believe dinosaurs may still be alive somewhere is the fact that we haven’t explored every inch of this planet. There are still plenty of places we haven’t seen that may be hiding dinosaurs of some kind. Given the discovery of soft tissue in a T. rex bone , it’s not a long shot to assume the animal had lived recently and depending on the climate and environment, soft tissue could last for a while but millions of years doesn’t allow for that tissue to still exist as it was found.

Another thing I don’t like what humanity’s done to dinosaurs is assuming they lived so long ago that people never seen one alive. I think different. People in many cultures have described and showed what could only be dinosaurs through the ages. Those dragon myths we know so well? How do we know they weren’t embellished stories about interaction of some kind with dinosaurs? I truly believe that “dragon” is the ancestral name for “dinosaur” since the word dinosaur itself wasn’t coined until the 1800s. I believe dinosaurs were not only killed off by nature but also by humans. They have found cave drawings of humans killing dinosaurs. Not that secular science wants you to know that because it’s so corrupted. Science, believe it or not, is easy to reconcile with a Biblical worldview and it makes the most sense when looked at with such a view

The Old Reptiles of All World’s story dates back to the Genesis Flood and before. Like on Earth, a few juvenile specimens were saved on the Ark and spread over the world after the Flood was over. The Old Reptiles found themselves in competition with humans and other beats that required that some be transplanted to Island Reptile, a federal secret on the Continent, while the unlucky ones were left to die and caused them to go extinct on the mainland. Some dinosaurs bonded with the humans who swore to help rebuild the species, forming farms and bringing in herd mentalities for the large carnivores. Island Reptilia also hosts animals from the single Ice Age both Earth and All World went through post-Flood, like mammoths, saber-toothed cats, and the like.

Dire wolves’ pack mentalities were emulated by farms specializing in Small Arms (T. rex and other large theropods) and Sailbacks, and allowed herds with up to ten members to be possible. Even the alpha rank one finds in wolves is found in a herd of large theropods. In  my first Island Reptilia story, it follows the story of a girl who stumbled across the secret of living Old Reptiles when a smuggler was showing off a baby Sailback named Ember in her village located in Seiryu’s East. She helped return him to his farm on the Island and she became close with the alpha male and female of Ember’s herd, Inferno and Pyra, as well as the keeper’s son, Daniel. Inferno and Pyra are also Ember’s parents. Since we don’t know what coloration dinosaurs were, I went with the Rule of Cool for Inferno, Pyra, and Ember by them look like what their names suggest. Inferno’s probably my favorite Sailback for that reason. His coloration is reds and blacks with some orange.

I have to thank Jurassic Park III for the idea of a battle between a Sailback and Small Arm (T. Rex type). To be honest, before JP3, I wasn’t aware this sailed animal even existed. However, studies on a surviving fossil of a Spinosaurus skull suggest that this apex predator was primarily a fisher and so its bite power wasn’t as strong as a T. Rex. JP3 again just applied the Rules of Cool and Drama to show off Spiny. Spinosaurus could possibly take out a juvenile, weak, or very old T. Rex but certainly not the one he fought in the movie which I’m sure was a full-grown healthy adult.  The fight between Inferno and a rouge Small Arm almost ended in Inferno’s death but his herd finally rose against the attacker after making sure their young were safe and saved his life. Before inspiration dried up, the story halted at Inferno coming down with an infection from getting bitten on the neck by his adversary.

Dinosaurs will always hold a place in my heart but sadly, today’s “science” is kind of making me wish they never existed. After all, for one who disagrees with everything taught in school biology, it’s better for dinosaurs to never have existed at all than to be mere puppets to a theory that has no weight in reality. I will never come to accept the worldview of dinosaurs living long before humans when their bones have been found in the same layers as humans or that the ultimate predators like T. rex were just huge hulking chickens with teeth. Dragons are almost universally reptilian in our stories. So, too, were the animals they were based on…dinosaurs. Dinosaurs and birds are two distinct races. They have nothing in common. Genetics don’t allow for one animal to turn into another. It just doesn’t happen in the real world.

The Difference Between Genbu and the Snakes

This continues from what was started in the last blog.

The difference between the snakes and Genbu is quite simple. It’s worth noting that even though Genbu has two minds capable of independent thought but think as one, Orochi and Kusanagi’s brains give a straighter example of a Hive Mind. All heads think as one and are incapable of acting alone, justified in the fact they are all the same entity, whereas Genbu is a fusion being.They usually choose the central head as the main communicator. The head that wears the fire helm is the main communicator for Orochi and is the most central of his even number of heads. Kusanagi having an odd number makes him appear as though he was once a normal snake who sprouted six more heads. Each head can speak but the central head handles all communication for simplicity’s sake. If the main head is tied up somehow, then another head will speak. This is evident from when Orochi stopped Araneae from attacking Phoenix. He had several sets of fangs in the giant spider, including his main head, so the head with the mountain helm did the talking before he proceeded to savagely rip the spider apart.

Having the number of minds that the snakes do, I wondered how to handle the intake of information each snake gets. With that many eyes, one would think they’d get migraines taking in their surroundings. That’s another reason a Hive Mind is so useful. The seven or eight brains in the snakes act like parts of a larger brain, allowing them to process their surroundings as a panoramic image to prevent a large scale overload of information. This eliminates any and all blind spots. Each head is treated like a limb on any other being so they are capable of independent movement. It would be nigh impossible to sneak up on them, even at night. Each snake sleeps with one head watching their surroundings. It narrows their field of vision but constant vigilance prevents anyone from slitting their throats.

Again, very few beings are considered threats by the two snakes because they are very old. They know a thing or two about the many ways one could assassinate someone. The fact both of them are venomous discourages would-be killers. Though, if the would-be killer is a human, they’d be swallowed whole because Orochi and Kusanagi are massive. Orochi’s roughly the size and length of six city buses from noses to tail. Kusangi’s a close contender at the size and length of four. One simply doesn’t trifle with giants like that and live to tell about it. A major fluke could save an assassin from them but the sheer number of heads, along with their speed and strength, makes it unlikely. I’m not even about to entertain the idea of seeing what would happen if I were to cut off one of their heads in-story. The worst that could happen would be them losing  one-eighth or one-seventh of their overall brain functions.

Orochi and Kusanagi also hold the distinction of being the only snakes that can transform and capable of actual hearing. Real snakes, even the ones Orochi lords over, are deaf. Orochi communicates with his subjects somehow in ways I haven’t explored yet. I can just chalk it up to his magical prowess and overall snake-ishness.

Let’s Get This Party Started.

This is my obligatory This Is Me post. So let’s get started.

I’m a 23 year old girl who loves to write. I’m a fan of Japanese anime and manga. I’m proud to say I’m a huge fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I’m a gamer. I have a two-year-old cat named Tifa. I have a load of interests that I’ll talk about later.

My purpose for starting this blog is for me to write in depth on my All World original canon, a series of stories I started in 2008. It’s essentially an overhaul an original series I wrote from 2004 to 2006. As I think about the characters and the world I’ve built in the past few years, I find myself thinking some pretty deep thoughts about what I’ve made. I would list the inspirations for All World on these sources: Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, and numerous mythologies from around the world. Sprinkled here and there are Christian references because I view All World to be an alternate universe (AU) version of Earth itself. Later posts will detail all that. I’ll have a follow-up post after this one so I can get started.

Aside from All World, I may blog about my various interests ranging from my favorite games, books, shows, and music to day-to-day thoughts, particularly if there’s something I read about in the Bible while doing my Ten. So I hope this will be enjoyable to read and if you have any thoughts you’d like to share, you can find me on Facebook or on Deviantart here: